Forensic Data Recovery & Forensically Sound Mobile Device Repair Services

Forensic Data Recovery Services

EX1 - Digital Forensic Services Ltd offer Forensic Data Recovery services to the Criminal Justice System and our corporate clients. All methods used are forensically sound and are undertaken in accordance with the relevant statutory requirements. Whether a device is inoperable, damaged or snapped in two, our Forensic Data Recovery service enables the potential recovery of Live & Deleted user data.  

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Forensically Sound Mobile Device Repairs

Mobile devices often contain important information which is critical to establishing the activities undertaken by the owner. However, this critical data is not always retrievable in instances where a device, or its internal components, have sustained significant damage.

At EX1, our highly skilled technicians cannot only fully diagnose faults and restore device functionality, they do so in a forensically sound, robust and repeatable manner. Continuity is maintained throughout the process and evidential statements are provided upon completion.

EX1 can also restore functionality in instances where repairs have been undertaken by parties other than ourselves which have resulted in the creation of additional or new faults i.e., a bootloop is experienced following a standard screen replacement, when the device was fully functional prior to the repair. 

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